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Amazon does the right thing for Muslim workers during Ramadan

June 9, 2018


Suzanne Lucas, In Amazon’s Minnesota warehouses, over 1,000 East African Muslim immigrants are working and observing Ramadan, Bloomberg reports. This month-long holiday involves fasting during daylight hours, among other things. An unfortunate cross-over of calendars means that these religious observances fall during the ramp up for Amazon Prime day. (Although Amazon hasn’t officially announced the […]

The Real Cost of Cheap Clothing from Bangladesh

April 21, 2018


Cláudia Brandão, New York Times Mosammot Bulbuli is among the millions of people who work in Bangladesh’s factories that supply clothing to the rest of the world. She is also one of the thousands who were working in Rana Plaza in Savar five years ago when it collapsed. More than 1,100 people lost their lives; […]

Inspiration + guidance: A formula for tech start-up success

May 2, 2017

0 “In 2012, Kurt Workman was a full-time chemical engineering major at Brigham Young University. Kurt’s aunt had just had twins, prematurely, so he and his wife were lending a helping hand whenever they could. They saw firsthand the constant worry Kurt’s aunt shouldered. They wanted to start a family of their own soon, but […]

The 7 Best Foods to decrease One’s Heart Disease Risk

April 30, 2017


TIME Health “n fact, more than 50% of deaths that occur every year from heart disease could have been prevented, according to the study, put together by researchers at Emory University in Atlanta. You already know to avoid smoking, but the other four main causes—obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes—can each be eliminated […]

Palantir to pay $1.7m over accusation it discriminates against Asian applicants

April 26, 2017


Sam Levin, The Guardian, 4/26/17 “The labor department first filed the suit against Palantir in September, alleging that the Palo Alto-based company used a discriminatory hiring process in which Asian applicants “were routinely eliminated in the résumé screen and telephone interview phases despite being as qualified as white applicants”. Like Google and Oracle, Palantir is […]

Survey: More than 1 in 5 female undergrads at top schools suffer sexual attacks

April 26, 2017


Nick Anderson, Susan Svrluga and Scott Clement, the Washington Post 9/21/2015 More than 20 percent of female undergraduates at an array of prominent universities said this year that they were victims of sexual assault and misconduct, echoing findings elsewhere, according to one of the largest studies ever of college sexual violence. The survey from the […]

“Business Schools need to take a more prominent role in shaping the future”

April 6, 2017


The National Suzanne Locke “It’s time for business schools to take a much more active role in the business arena,” says Timothy Mescon, senior vice president and chief officer for Europe, Middle East and Africa at the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). The association is more than 100 years old. Today […]