Senior EU lawyer backs French woman sacked for wearing hijab

Posted on July 14, 2016


Angelique Chrisafis and Owen Bowcott, The Guardian

“A French design engineer who was dismissed for wearing an Islamic headscarf should have been allowed to cover her head at work, a senior EU lawyer has said.

In an influential preliminary opinion, an advocate general at the European court of justice found in favour of Asma Bougnaoui who lost her job with Micropole SA, a French IT consultancy, in June 2009. (…)

The ECJ said there could be no exemptions from the EU directive preventing discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief. In a statement, it said: “The advocate general rejects the idea that a prohibition on employees wearing religious attire when in contact with customers of their employer’s business may be necessary for the protection of individual rights and freedoms necessary for the functioning of a democratic society.”

The advocate general has advised that the Muslim woman’s dismissal amounted to discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief. [Please click here to read the remainder of this article.]

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