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Islamophobia 101–Episode 28: Linking Muslim Subway Ads to Terrorism

July 21, 2008


According to the New York Post, MUSLIM SUBWAY ADS HAVE TERROR TIE-IN By JEREMY OLSHAN Last updated: 6:37 am July 21, 2008 Posted: 4:42 am July 21, 2008 Allah board! An Islamic group plans to blitz 1,000 subway cars with advertisements this September in a campaign being promoted by a Brooklyn imam whom federal officials […]

Islam urges neighborly relations and feeding the hungry

January 2, 2008


 Rafik Beekun  Statistics on Poverty and Inequality from The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) reported in 1998 that the world’s 225 richest people now have a combined wealth of $1 trillion. That’s equal to the combined annual income of the world’s 2.5 billion poorests people. The wealth of the three most well-to-do individuals now […]