Inhumane and unIslamic labor practice: US poultry industry workers not allowed to use the bathroom. 

Posted on May 14, 2016


Huffington Post, Michael Lazar

“According to recent reports, poultry workers are under such tight quotas and deadlines that most can’t even take a bathroom break. This has resulted in many workers wearing diapers when they are on the production line.

Not only are the birds treated terrible, but chances are good that the person that trimmed that bird you are about to cook was defecating or urinating into a diaper whilst they were doing it.
Hardly fair for anyone. Assuredly disgusting. And very illegal.
Worst yet, this is being done in the U.S.
According to an Oxfam American study, over 250,000 workers in this industry risk losing their jobs if they need to take a bathroom break.”
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