Muslim Americans more likely to reject violence and intolerance than other Americans

Posted on December 15, 2015


David Bier and Matthew La Corte from Huffington Blog

Donald Trump has proposed profiling Muslim Americans and shutting down mosques. He claims that Muslim “hatred is beyond comprehension.” But the truth is that Muslim Americans are not only integrating into U.S. society, but are actuallymore opposed to violence and more tolerant in many ways than many other Americans.

Muslim Americans Hold Mainstream Religious and Political Views

Muslims are similar to other religious Americans. Pew’s major survey of Muslims in 2011 found that religion was equally important to Christian and Muslim Americans. Christians and Muslims also attend religious services with about the same frequency. Only 35 percent of Muslims saw their religion as the only true faith, compared to 30 percent of Christians. Like 64 percent of U.S. Christians, a majority of Muslim Americans think different religions can lead to eternal life. Pew even found that Muslims are much less prone to scriptural literalism than Evangelicals.

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