Inspiration + guidance: A formula for tech start-up success

Posted on May 2, 2017


“In 2012, Kurt Workman was a full-time chemical engineering major at Brigham Young University. Kurt’s aunt had just had twins, prematurely, so he and his wife were lending a helping hand whenever they could. They saw firsthand the constant worry Kurt’s aunt shouldered. They wanted to start a family of their own soon, but Kurt knew that with his wife’s congenital heart defects, they could face similar challenges and plenty of their own sleepless nights. In addition, Kurt’s cousin had previously lost a baby to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

 Around the same time, Kurt was exposed to a clinically proven technology used by hospitals called pulse oximetry through a friend who worked as a nurse at University of Utah Medical Center. A pulse oximeter is the clip-on device hospitals often put on a patient’s finger, which uses wavelengths of light to measure both heart rate and oxygen levels in the blood.

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