The Citadel rejected her hijab, but another military school embraces Muslim student’s request

Posted on May 26, 2016


Susan Svrluga, The Washington Post

“Norwich University, a nearly 200-year-old private military college in Vermont, has granted an accepted student’s request to wear hijab in keeping with her Muslim faith, a decision that was welcomed by some but also provoked outrage for some alumni and cadets.

[The Citadel considers allowing a Muslim hijab as an exception to its required uniform]
The same student requested a similar exception to the required uniform from The Citadel, touching off a highly charged debate at the public military college in South Carolina where loyalty to the corps is a fundamental value and individual preferences are set aside to encourage unity. The idea that the first exception might be for a Muslim student was particularly polarizing, given the national discussion and starkly divergent views about the role of Islam in U.S. culture.”
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