Islamophobia 101: Episode 12–Hate crimes against Mosques and Muslims On The Rise Post 9-11

Posted on February 23, 2007


Below, I have included only a sample of the hate crime incidents for which video clips are available.  It is important to note that these incidents have occured over the last two years, and across several states in the USA.  My intent is not to suggest that these incidents are connected; I simply aim to demonstrate that there has been an increasing trend of hate crimes and Islamophobic incidents against Mosques and Muslims in North America recently. 

1. Melbourne Mosque in Florida (Islamic Center of Brevard County) comes under attack from the bullets of a sniper (September 2006).

2. Tampa Mosque in Florida under attack from another sniper (September 2006).

3. Mosque in Adelanto in California is burned down (June 2005).

4. Clifton Mosque in Cincinatti, Ohio, receives a bomb threat (July 2006) after being the victim of two pipe bombs (December 2005).

5. Mosque in South Florida is vandalized with graffiti (April, 2006).
Please click here to watch this video.

6. Muslim refused service at Subway Restaurant (December 2005).
Please click here to watch this video.

7. Anti-Muslim Fliers are distributed door-to-door in Florida.

Please note that it was Non-Muslim good samaritans who refused to be swept in by the hateful flyers and brought the situation to the attention of the authorities.  You may look at a scanned copy of the actual flier by clicking here.

8. “Kill All Muslim Kids” website is launched.

Please note that the Internet Service Provider permanently suspended this Islamophobic website once it learned that it was hosting this website.

9 Two Muslim Men Murdered in St. Petersburg, Florida

10. Muslim Reality in Chicago and in New York after 9-11

The relevant part of the program regarding Muslims starts two minutes after the beginning of this video clip. The clip itself is not of the highest quality, but it is very revealng of what Muslims are enduring in America post 9-11.

For a more complete and updated list of all the mosques in the USA (and globally) that have suffered attacks similar to those described above, please click here to view the whole database arranged by state. 

What U.S. Muslims are doing to counter hate crimes:

1. Working with interfaith groups and the authorities

2. Radio Host Jerry Klein Exposes Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Finally, I wish to emphasize that there are many more non-Muslim good samaritans in North America than islamophobes, and that, in spite of all the above incidents, the Muslim community here is getting along with and working with the larger American community in relative peace and understanding–even after 9-11.   Generally speaking, when Islamophobic incidents have taken place, the authorities investigated promptly, and appropriate remedial actions were eventually taken.