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Attacks on Journalists and the Press in Muslim Countries

January 30, 2007


Source: Committee to Protect Journalists.  Being a journalist in a Muslim country is one of the most perilous jobs at this time.  In comparison to the USA where freedom of the press is relatively untampered with (see video at the end of this article), critiquing the status quo or those in power in Muslim countries […]

Women and Career Obstacles in Saudi Media

January 29, 2007


Source: “Empowering Women in Saudi Media.” by Maha Akeel, Arab News. Islam has guaranteed women’s right to participate in making decisions concerning her life, her money and her community and therefore she has the right to be represented in every organization and institution that affects her directly or indirectly. [A]fter […] years of working in […]

If you drink alcohol, some Muslim cab drivers won’t drive you

January 27, 2007


January 26, 2007 By Keith Oppenheim CNN MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota […] I stepped into the taxi depot that serves the Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport, where drivers sit and wait for their next fare. In this crowded, noisy room, most of the cabbies are Muslims originally from Somalia. “We’re doing a story about the conflict […]

Saudi Arabia, Corruption and the British Arms Company, BAE

January 26, 2007


Britain censured over decision to drop BAE Saudi corruption inquiry by Rob Evans in Paris Friday January 19, 2007 The Guardian The (British) government was severely criticised yesterday by the international community’s leading anti-bribery watchdog for halting a corruption investigation into the arms company BAE. The public expression of “serious concern” came after Tony Blair […]

Salat-ul-Tasbih: Praying for Forgiveness

January 25, 2007


Source: Fiqh-us-Sunnah, vol 2, # 33 ‘Ikrimah reports from Ibn ‘Abbas that the Messenger of Allah said to ‘Abbas ibn ‘Abdal-Mutalib: “O ‘Abbas, O Uncle, shall I not give you, shall I not present to you, shall I not donate to you, shall I not tell you ten things which, if you do, Allah will […]

Palestinian students beaten up at Guilford College

January 24, 2007


 Source: On Monday, Jan 22, 2007, three Guilford College students, Michael Bates, Michael Robert Six, and Christopher Barnette, were arrested in connection with a group assault that occurred on campus, according to court documents. Police said Faris Khadar, Osama Sabbah and Omar Awartani (2 Muslim and 1 Christian Palestinian students) were victims of this attack. […]

Islamophobia 101: Episode 11–Restrict immigration so more Muslims do not get elected.

January 24, 2007


Besides taking issue with Congressman Ellison about his use of the Qur’an for the swearing in ceremony, Senator Virgil Goode wants the diversity visa program to end. His rationale: immigration needs to be restricted so that more Muslims do not get elected to the US Congress. Way to go, Goode!!! Do you still believe in […]