From our readers: Choosing Salaat over a Job Promotion

Posted on April 24, 2013


Note from Rafik  Beekun: In response to a recent story about salaat on this blog (Whether to pray or not?), one of our readers from South Africa sent us this very inspiring post about a critical job related decision he had to make.  May Allah strenthen all of us to choose our deen over dunya when we are faced with similar decisions.

Not so long ago a new position opened within the company, one that was more strategic than transactional. A position that I had been eyeing for a while and my immediate Manager and I discussed would be perfect for me given I generally take a strategic perspective on issues and have the right mind-set for the position. The Departmental Manager however felt differently (he was new and wasn’t particularly fond of me – I was a critical thinker and he was looking for a yes-man). In any event he said to my immediate Manager that I could apply like everyone else and see what happens (an indirect way of saying he did not want me for the position.) I was infuriated.
The following week I had a one-on-one meeting scheduled with the Departmental Manager. I had resolved to give him a piece of my mind and inform him that I will be looking for opportunities outside our department – if not the company. The meeting was scheduled after Zohr Salaat. While driving back to the office after Zohr (the Musjid is 5-mins away) I thought to myself that perhaps getting stuck into the Manager might not be such a good idea. I mean I can read Zohr at ease in my current position, if I move I don’t know what my position will be. There and then I decided (more like realized) that even 2-rakaats of Salaat is better than any position in this world and all it may bring. I was going to accept whatever he told me at that meeting. Well the meeting did not take place as scheduled as he had to attend to some other urgent meeting or issue.

A week later my immediate manager came to me dumbstruck – He said that I was going to get the position. Huh? Well he said the Departmental Manager even motivated to the company President why it should be me. I was in awe. Yes, I did take deliberate steps to sell myself for the position, but this type of turnaround, this degree of change of mind could only come from Almighty. Allahu-Akbar.
Our Creator does this for us every day. SURAH 55: AL RAHMAN (The Most Gracious). Ayat 13 “Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?”

And how have we repaid these favours? – with laziness, indifference and apathy.