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Eid Mubarak

September 11, 2016


Wishing you well being every year. Eid Mubarak to you and your family Insha Allah.

Job Discrimination Because of One’s Religion: Judaism, Islam and Sikhism

November 2, 2013


Why America is light years ahead of many countries, including Muslim countries. Regular people come to the help of a Jewish man, a Muslim woman and a Sikh man who are being “discriminated” against during a job interview. These people did not know that these situations were staged. It is heartwarming to see how day […]

Eid 2013 Stamp issued by United States Postal Service.

September 2, 2013


Source: US Post Office Featuring calligraphy from the 2011 Eid stamp with a new green background, this 2013 Eid Forever® stamp issuance commemorates the two most important festivals—or eids—in the Islamic calendar: Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. On these days, Muslims wish each other Eid mubarak, the phrase shown in Islamic calligraphy on the stamp. […]

Bigotry on the Playing Field against Judaism and Islam

March 12, 2012


Editorial, New York Times, March 11, 2012 Intolerance seems to be part of the message sent to student-athletes on the sporting fields of Texas. Only under legal pressure and public criticism did the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools, which organizes competitions for more than 200 schools, recently agree to accommodate an Orthodox Jewish […]

Islamophobia 101: Episode 24: Rudy Giulani Campaign Official-“Chase Muslims Back to their Caves”.

December 31, 2007


By Greg Sargent – December 28, 2007, 2:36PM This has already gotten some attention, but it deserves a lot more. The Guardian of London is conducting video documentaries up in New Hampshire. And they did a segment on Rudy in which they got a very off-kilter quote about Muslims from a Rudy campaign official in […]

Salam Al-Maryati in a conversation with Irshad Manji

May 28, 2007


Source: If you have access to a podcast program (such as Itunes), please listen to the following link within your podcasting program. Writer Irshad Manji joins Executive Director of the Progressive Muslim Union Ani Zonneveld and Executive Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council Salam Al-Marayati in a conversation following a screening of the […]

Marketing to Muslims in the USA

May 2, 2007


Source: New York Times Louise Story […] Grocers and consumer product companies are considering ways to adapt their goods to Muslim rules, which forbid among other things, gelatin and pig fat, which is often used in cosmetics and cleaning products. Retailers are looking into providing more conservative skirts, even during the summer months, and mainstream […]

Muslims in the European Union: Discrimination and Islamophobia

March 28, 2007


“What happened on 11 September was like a catalyst, you know. Things which they never thought of saying publicly, from one day to another, they say it publicly now. Before, there was a lot of ‘political correctness’ but after 11 September all political correctness went within seconds.” (Male, Germany) “I have heard it many times […]

Serious Considerations in Mixed Groups: Interacting with Members of the Opposite Sex At Work

March 5, 2007


Source: Arab News. Reprinted here with permission. Dr. Abd Al-Haleem Abu Shuqqah Note from Rafik Beekun: This article is reproduced here because of the increased interaction between men and women in the workplace, and the need for Muslims and Muslimahs to understand and abide by the Islamic etiquette of conduct among members of the opposite […]

Faith-based versus Faith-friendly Companies in the US

March 4, 2007


By Marc Gunther, Fortune senior writer January 17 2007 NEW YORK (Fortune) — […] [According to] David Miller, a minister, author and former business executive. Ford, American Express and Tyson Foods are among the better-known faith-friendly firms. Minister, author and former business executive David Miller is currently executive director of the Yale Center for Faith […]

Hispanics Coming Back to Islam in the U.S.

February 27, 2007


By Amy Green | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor ORLANDO, FLA. – With her hijab and dark complexion, Catherine Garcia doesn’t look like an Orlando native or a Disney tourist. When people ask where she’s from, often they are surprised that it’s not the Middle East but Colombia. That’s because Ms. Garcia, a bookstore […]

Islamophobia 101: Episode 12–Hate crimes against Mosques and Muslims On The Rise Post 9-11

February 23, 2007


Below, I have included only a sample of the hate crime incidents for which video clips are available.  It is important to note that these incidents have occured over the last two years, and across several states in the USA.  My intent is not to suggest that these incidents are connected; I simply aim to demonstrate that […]

New BBC Poll Finds Significant Middle Ground between Islam and The West

February 19, 2007


VIEWS OF RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MUSLIM AND WESTERN CULTURES Can find common ground Violent conflict inevitable France 69% 23% Germany 49% 39% Great Britain 77% 15% India 35% 24% Indonesia 40% 51% Italy 78% 14% Kenya 46% 35% Lebanon 68% 26% Nigeria 53% 37% Turkey 49% 29% US 64% 31% By Roger Hardy BBC Islamic affairs […]

New Measures to Help Expatriate Workers in Saudi Arabia

February 9, 2007


Source: Arab News JEDDAH, 1 February 2007 — […] Saudi Arabia Labor Minister Ghazi Al-Gosaibi has taken two important decisions in order to safeguard the rights of about seven million expatriates working in the Kingdom. According to the first decision, any company or institution that delays payment of salaries of its employees for two consecutive […]

U.S. Dept of Homeland Security to Launch Traveler Redress Inquiry Program

January 18, 2007


Source: ( – Release Date: January 17, 2007 The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced today it will launch the DHS Traveler Redress Inquiry Program (DHS TRIP), an easy to use, single point of inquiry for travel-related issues. DHS TRIP was developed to provide a central gateway to address watch list misidentification issues, situations where […]

US Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison shakes the hand of Virgil Goode

January 5, 2007


In spite of Islamophobic attacks by Congressman Goode on him, Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to the US Congress, went to shake his hands during the inauguration ceremony. Goode’s back is towards the camera. Congressman Ellison’s behavior models that of the Prophet (s) who asked how the woman who had been putting trash on […]

Condition of Migrant Workers and Women in Saudi Arabia

January 2, 2007


Source: Human Rights Watch 2006 Report Migrant Workers The estimated 8.8 million largely South and Southeast Asian and Arab foreign workers in Saudi Arabia comprise a third of the country’s population, according to Minister of Labor Ghazi al-Gosaibi. Many face exploitative working conditions, including sixteen-hour workdays, no breaks or food and drink, and often remain […]

Marginalization of Muslim Minority in India

December 29, 2006


Source: Articles from the Deccan Times and with help from Asghar in reviewing the report. The highly-anticipated report of the Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee on the status of minorities in India was submitted to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and was tabled in Parliament during the Winter Session. According to this report tabled on November 30, 2006, […]

Challenges 2006-2007: Global Islamophobia on the Rise

December 27, 2006


Source: A People Under Siege by William Fisher NEW YORK, Dec 19 (IPS) – Five years after the terrorist attacks of Sep. 11, 2001, “Islamophobia” — intensified by the war in Iraq and government actions — has left millions of Muslims here and in other Western countries fearful of harassment, discrimination and questionable prosecutions, and […]

Modern Day Slavery in Britain

December 18, 2006


Madeleine Bunting Monday December 18, 2006 Source: The Guardian Nehad has the hunched look of a man who has lived with fear for years. It was to escape fear that he fled Iraq for Europe in 2003, hoping to start a new life beyond the reach of the torture and prisons of Saddam Hussein’s regime […]

2006 Human Rights Watch Report on UAE: Building Towers, Cheating Workers

December 6, 2006


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a constitutional federation of seven emirates; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujaira. Migrant foreign workers represent 95 percent of the workforce in the United Arab Emirates, and as of 2005, there were 2,738,000 migrant workers in the country. About 20 percent of these workers […]

Islamophobia 101–Episode 3–Ban Muslim Immigration

December 2, 2006


Michael Savage: To “save the United States,” Lawmakers should institute “outright ban on Muslim immigration” and on”the construction of mosques” – Media Matters for America, 11/29/06 On the November 27 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Michael Savage declared that in order to “save the United States,” lawmakers should institute “an outright ban on Muslim […]

Medical and Media Professional Women Asked to Leave Seminar

November 25, 2006


Source: Raid Qusti for Arab News RIYADH, 22 November 2006 — A presenter from King Saud University at an international medical seminar at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center caused a stir yesterday when he insisted that all women — including medical and media professionals — leave the room before he would enter […]

Perceived Religious Discrimination and its Relationship to Anxiety and Paranoia among Muslim Americans

November 24, 2006


Overview of empirical research article by A. E. Rippy and E. Newman, Journal of Muslim Mental Health, vol 1, Issue 1, 2006, pp. 5-20. Discrimination is defined as “beliefs, attitudes, institutional arrangements and acts that tend to denigrate or deny equal treatment to individuals or groups based on racial characteristics or group affiliation.” (Clark, Anderson, […]

American Airlines and Muslims

November 20, 2006


American Airlines is working hard at encouraging diversity and at accommodating Muslims.

The answer to profiling and racism: Islam

November 18, 2006


Ahmad Deedat, the great South African Scholar, discusses how Islam deals with racism (and profiling).