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Muslims in the European Union: Discrimination and Islamophobia

March 28, 2007


“What happened on 11 September was like a catalyst, you know. Things which they never thought of saying publicly, from one day to another, they say it publicly now. Before, there was a lot of ‘political correctness’ but after 11 September all political correctness went within seconds.” (Male, Germany) “I have heard it many times […]

Islamophobia 101–Episode 13–Wafa Sultan: Reformist or Opportunist?

March 26, 2007


 Rafik Beekun  To put into perspective Wafa Sultan’s attacks against Islam,  I am first including as comprehensive a list of video clips as I can.   Her attacks on Islam focus on the Islamic Sources (specifically the Qur’an), the civilizational role of Islam and at times on Muslims.  Since her knowledge of Islam is very limited, and her […]

What You Should Never Include In A Work E-mail

March 25, 2007


By Rafik Beekun at the Islamic Workplace blog. We are often careless when using e-mail at work. Sometimes, we write stuff we should not because we are under stress, or we may communicate personal, confidential information. Unfortunately, in the U.S., all work e-mails remain the property of the company or organization we work for. As […]

The United States, For All Its Faults, Has Contributed Greatly To Islam And Muslims

March 25, 2007


By Muqtedar Khan American foreign policy sins are numerous and some are even unforgivable — like the invasion of Iraq, which was based on false accusations and has resulted in much death and destruction. But to judge America by its neo-conservative foreign policy would be like judging Islam by what some radical, violence-prone Muslims have […]

Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia: Similarities Between Sponsorship and Slavery

March 22, 2007


Source: Arab News Abeer Mishkhas A SAUDI teacher in Samta Governorate has confessed to the police that she tortured an Indonesian house cleaner who was hospitalized and later died due to the severity of her injuries. The woman torched the cleaner and also struck her a number of times on the head; the cleaner suffered […]

Canadians Interact Least with Muslims and Favor Hijab Ban

March 21, 2007


by  JEFF HEINRICH Source: The Gazette (Montreal), p. A3, News [In an Environics poll conducted recently], Canadians said they interact with blacks most – 69 per cent said they’re in contact with them often or occasionally. Chinese were next (65 per cent), then East Indians and Pakistanis (54 per cent), aboriginals (54 per cent), Jews […]

Profiling At US-Canadian Border Hampers Livelihood of Muslims

March 20, 2007


Source: The Globe and Mail (Canada) March 20, 2007 Tuesday The federal government must pressure U.S. border authorities to stop racial and religious profiling of Canadian Muslims and Arabs, the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations said yesterday. [more] “The livelihood and future of Canadian citizens cannot be halted without just cause.” Mahmoud Zeitoun, a student […]