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What You Should Never Include In A Work E-mail

March 25, 2007


By Rafik Beekun at the Islamic Workplace blog. We are often careless when using e-mail at work. Sometimes, we write stuff we should not because we are under stress, or we may communicate personal, confidential information. Unfortunately, in the U.S., all work e-mails remain the property of the company or organization we work for. As […]

The United States, For All Its Faults, Has Contributed Greatly To Islam And Muslims

March 25, 2007


By Muqtedar Khan American foreign policy sins are numerous and some are even unforgivable — like the invasion of Iraq, which was based on false accusations and has resulted in much death and destruction. But to judge America by its neo-conservative foreign policy would be like judging Islam by what some radical, violence-prone Muslims have […]