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What Allah Wants Her to Be

April 30, 2007


What Allah wants her to be By KATHLEEN D. BAILEY Special to the Union Leader Sunday, Apr. 29, 2007 Exeter – They wore long skirts and head scarves, business suits, jeans and sweaters. One tee nage girl wore a head scarf and jeans. They came from a rich mix of countries, including America, and spanned […]

Conflict Management–The SALAM Model

April 28, 2007


Dr. Iqbal Unus, International Institute of Islamic Thought The English acronym SALAM is a transliterated version of the corresponding Islamic terms. I want to use the letters of SALAM to refer to a process of dealing with conflict. The SALAM model points to a systematic way of approaching the conflict and moving towards a fair […]

Islamophobia 101–Episode 15: The case of the “Towel-head Sniper”

April 27, 2007


Source: ARLINGTON, Va. — Federal Officials said an Arlington man faces a slew of charges after he allegedly sent e-mails to family members threatening to kill Arab women and Latinos. The FBI arrested 57-year-old Charles Gerbino Thursday morning in his Arlington home. Video: Watch The Report Related: Excerpts From Threatening E-Mail (WARNING: Remarks May […]

Muslim Virginia Tech Student Gave His Life To Save Others

April 26, 2007


Sources: The New York Times and The Muslim Observer A survivor of the Virginia Tech massacre has been describing how a colleague died to protect others. Although badly injured, graduate student Waleed Shalaan distracted gunman Cho Seung-Hui to save another person from his bullets. Waleed saved another student’s life. The surviving student, who wishes to […]

New 2007 Poll: Muslims Believe US Seeks to Undermine Islam

April 24, 2007


Source: World Public Opinion, 24 April 2007, 14:00 GMT Contact: Steven Kull, 202-232-7500 College Park, MD—A poll of four major Muslim countries has found that in all of them large majorities believe that undermining Islam is a primary goal of US foreign policy. Most inhabitants from these countries want US military forces out of the Middle […]

Poll Finds World Publics Reject U.S. Role as the World Leader

April 19, 2007


Source: The Chicago Council on Global Affairs A multinational poll finds that in 10 out of 15 countries, the most common view is that the United States cannot be trusted to “act responsibly in the world.” Respondents were allowed to choose whether the United States could be trusted “a great deal,” “somewhat,” “not very much” […]

She is a Muslimah, a Former University Dean of Engineering, and a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

April 18, 2007


TU THANH HA From Tuesday’s Globe and Mail MONTREAL — When news came that young Muslim girls had been turned away from a tae kwon do competition in Quebec because they wore Islamic head scarves, one of the people upset was the former dean of engineering of the University of Ottawa. Aside from being an […]

In Memoriam: Our Condolences to The Virginia Tech Community

April 17, 2007


To the victims who survived the massacre at Virginia Tech yesterday, and to the relatives and friends of those who did not, we offer our best wishes and pray that God uplifts you during these difficult times. May God Bless you all. Rafik Beekun

Islamophobia 101–Episode 14: Florida Mosque Set on Fire by Arsonists

April 14, 2007


Source: Abbie Vansickle, St Petersburg Times Someone deliberately set fire Thursday morning to the Islamic Education Center of Tampa,Florida, a mosque tucked into a neighborhood of tidy suburban homes in Town ‘N Country, according to Hillsborough Fire Rescue and the FBI. Whether hate fueled the fire remained under investigation, said FBI Special Agent Dave Couvertier. […]

The Role Of A Muslim Doctor

April 14, 2007


Dr. Mahmoud Abu – Saud (Edited by Shahid Athar , M. D.) and reprinted here with permission. Disease and Cure “Perfect health” is a wish that humans crave for. They know that they can never attain this state of perfection, if only because they cannot conceive what is “perfect”. Accordingly, they satisfy themselves with a […]

UAE Economy Most Competitive in Arab World

April 12, 2007


Source: Arab News and the World Economic Forum DOHA, 11 April 2007 — The United Arab Emirates has the most competitive economy in the Arab world, according to the third Arab World Competitiveness Report 2007, released yesterday by the World Economic Forum. This report has been a major driver of efforts to advance economic reform […]

High Street Account For Muslim Businesses

April 11, 2007


Source: AWD Money Extra Lloyds TSB has announced the launch of a high street Islamic business account. The account, which complies with Islamic law (Shariah), is available across the bank’s 2,000 branches, and will be open to the UK’s estimated 100,000 Muslim firms. There are two separate accounts on offer. Businesses with a turnover of […]

Good Samaritan 101–Jews and Israelis Seeking to Help Palestinian Trade

April 10, 2007


Source: BIG April 2, 2007 The latest report of the International Development Select Committee regarding the Occupied Palestinian Territories (31 January 2007) makes for very distressing reading. In its section on trade, it refers to the ongoing restrictions in movements and access faced by the OPT, citing an OXFAM report which points out “that transaction […]

Eco-friendly = Islamic = Ethical = Profitable

April 9, 2007


Source: Jamal Badawi and Rafik Beekun Mar. 30 – Islam has from the beginning stressed the role of man in protecting the environment. As Allah’s vicegerents on earth and as suggested by the Prophet (s), we need to take good care of our environment. As indicated by Jamal Badawi, the Prophet of Islam was keenly aware […]

Finland Issues A Stamp Commemorating Ahmad Deedat

April 4, 2007


A Short Biography of Sheikh Ahmed Deedat Sheikh Ahmed Hoosen Deedat was born on the 01 July 1918 in the Surat district of India in 1918. His father emigrated to South Africa in 1927 with him. Ahmed Deedat was a very bright student and excelled in school. Lack of finance interrupted his schooling and at […]

Prohibition of Alcohol and Drugs in Islam

April 3, 2007


The general rule in Islam is that any beverage that get people intoxicated when taken is unlawful, both in small and large quantities, whether it is alcohol, drugs, fermented raisin drink, or something else. In his book Al-Halal wal Haram fil Islam (The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam) Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi states the following: […]

Saudi Arabia Bans 107 Firms From Employing Foreign Workers

April 1, 2007


Samir Al-Saadi, Arab News JEDDAH, 1 April 2007 — The Ministry of Labor has warned employers that it is serious about Saudization and has banned 107 companies from recruiting foreign workers because they have failed to meet Saudization targets. Twelve of the 107 companies had a zero percentage of Saudization and only eight of the […]

Alcohol: A More Dangerous Drug Than Marijuana And Amphetamine

April 1, 2007


Table 1: Social and economic costs of alcohol abuse for selected countries Country Year Total Cost Estimate % of GDP Australia 1998–1999 A$ 7560.3 million N.A. Canada 1992 $7.52 billion 1.1 Chile N.A. $2.969 billion N.A. Finland 1990 $3.351-5.738 billion N.A. France 1997 115 420.91 FF 1.42 Ireland N.A. €2.4 billion N.A. Italy 2003 €26–66 […]