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Feds Still Hold Imam Who Overstayed His Visa

May 31, 2007


Thursday, May 31, 2007 By KAY CAMPBELL, The HuntsvilleTimes Faith & Values Editor The religious leader of the Alabama Islamic Education Center in Huntsville, arrested April 19 for a visa overstay, is still in federal custody in Louisiana in what his attorney calls an injustice. “He just wants to go back to his wife and […]

Somali Muslims Returning to Jobs After Quitting Over Muslim Prayers Issue

May 30, 2007


By OSKAR GARCIA Associated Press Writer © 2007 The Associated Press OMAHA, Neb. — Dozens of Somali meatpacking workers who quit their jobs because they were not given enough time off for Muslim prayers have returned to work, but the issue could resurface as sundown inches later through the spring, a union official said Friday. […]

Salam Al-Maryati in a conversation with Irshad Manji

May 28, 2007


Source: If you have access to a podcast program (such as Itunes), please listen to the following link within your podcasting program. Writer Irshad Manji joins Executive Director of the Progressive Muslim Union Ani Zonneveld and Executive Director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council Salam Al-Marayati in a conversation following a screening of the […]

Discrimination and Salary Inequalities in Saudi Arabia

May 24, 2007


by Abeer Mishkhas, According to a report by the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR), courts in Saudi are studying cases of salary inequalities between Saudis and foreigners, especially Westerners. And 50 employees in a private company have filed complaints that their salaries are less than those of foreign employees and have asked that […]

Muslim Geneticist Sheds Light on Virgin Birth

May 23, 2007


Note: The New York Times today (May 22, 2007) has a news item on scientific evidence for the birth of a fatherless shark. In the past Muslim scholars have been using this argument to show that the birth of Jesus without a father is possible, even though rare. It does occur in different species. The […]

Workplace Discrimination Against Muslims after 9/11

May 6, 2007


[…] Hadji said that in late 2004, he reproached a customer for harassing a Tunisian waiter. Hadji said he asked the customer to leave after the diner said, “If you don’t like it, go back to your country,” and “I fought two wars to get rid of people like you.” The restaurant’s owners ordered Hadji […]

Types of workplace discrimination experienced by Muslim Women wearing Hijab

May 6, 2007

2 The issue of discrimination experienced by Muslim women who wear hijab when they apply for work was established in 2000 through consultations conducted by Women Working With Immigrant Women (WWIW) with Muslim serving organizations and through surveys of labour organizations and institutions such as the Ontario Human Rights Commission to find out what information […]

Muslim Scholars Look at Conflict Between Islamic Tenets and Job Duties

May 6, 2007


May 05, 2007 By Omar Sacirbey When the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America convenes later this year, the few dozen Islamic scholars will try to hammer out an answer to a question vexing the North American Muslim community: How do Muslims reconcile the mandates of their faith with jobs that may require actions prohibited […]

How To File A Charge Of Discrimination If You Are A Muslim

May 5, 2007


Source: EEOC Anyone who believes that s/he has been subjected to discrimination in violation of Title VII may file a charge with the nearest field office of the EEOC. Persons who file a charge, oppose unlawful employment discrimination, participate in employment discrimination proceedings, or otherwise assert their rights under the laws enforced by the Commission […]

When Can Clerks Refuse To Serve, Citing Religion?

May 5, 2007


By Jen Haberkorn THE WASHINGTON TIMES Published March 29, 2007 Can a cashier or clerk wish a customer “Merry Christmas”? Must a pharmacist dispense birth control devices if his faith forbids it? Can a Muslim clerk refuse to touch a whisky or beer bottle, or a pork chop? Disputes between retailers and employees over religious […]

Missing Prayers At Work

May 3, 2007


Source: Islamonline 3/27/2004 8:22:00 AM GMT Question: Is is permissible to miss prayers because of work and then make them up once I arrive home? Answer : Praise be to Allaah. It is not permissible for a Muslim to delay his prayers beyond the time when they are due without a legitimate excuse. Legitimate excuses […]

Marketing to Muslims in the USA

May 2, 2007


Source: New York Times Louise Story […] Grocers and consumer product companies are considering ways to adapt their goods to Muslim rules, which forbid among other things, gelatin and pig fat, which is often used in cosmetics and cleaning products. Retailers are looking into providing more conservative skirts, even during the summer months, and mainstream […]