Islamophobia 101–Episode 15: The case of the “Towel-head Sniper”

Posted on April 27, 2007



ARLINGTON, Va. — Federal Officials said an Arlington man faces a slew of charges after he allegedly sent e-mails to family members threatening to kill Arab women and Latinos.

The FBI arrested 57-year-old Charles Gerbino Thursday morning in his Arlington home.

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The communications were so full of rage that officials said Gerbino’s sister contacted the FBI to warn them.

“He’s charged with making threats through the interstate commerce by sending an e-mail from his home in Arlington to his sister who lived in Florida,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth Melson. “In that e-mail were threats that he would shoot Arab women and Latinos.”

The following are excerpts from the threat-laden e-mail allegedly sent by Charles Gerbino to his sister:

“I’m real, real, real close to that snapping point.”

“… I was just going to become the new ‘towel-head sniper,’ and just start picking off all the Arab towel-head women …”

“Add all the little cockroach illegal Latino scumbags.”

“All I’ve got to do is just stick the gun out the window and start firing wildly …”

“I’m bound to hit a few of them just at random.”

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