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Al-Zawahiri, isn’t time for you to shut up and turn yourself in?

November 19, 2008


Note from Rafik Beekun: Muslims reject terrorism of any kind, and take particular offense to al-Zawahri’s use of the offensive term “house Negro” in reference to President-elect Barack Obama. Islam abhors racism and emphasizes universal peace and brotherhood. We reject any and all use of racial slurs or insults. Al-Qaida’s second in command releases new […]

Wallowing in Far Right Hysteria: Michelle Malkin’s Preposterous Claims

May 30, 2008


Since Michelle Malkin (born Maglalang) took on Dunkin’ Donuts for Rachael Ray’s Kefiyeh (see article below), I thought it would be interesting to point out that she has make ridiculous claims in the past–for which she has had to eat humble pie on several occasions. #1: Shariah Creep: Michelle Malkin vs. Hussein Ibish on the […]

Demonization of Islam in France: Violation of Human Rights

May 7, 2008


Islamophobia in France: The Law against Hijab Islamophobia in France: Double Standards for Muslims and Jews De Villiers: Submitting Islam to French Law In France, Islamophobia is viewed differently from Antisemitism Hijab ban in French schools PARIS — A French law banning hijab in state schools has deepened the Muslim isolation from the broader community, experts […]

An Interfaith View: Islamophobia and Racism

April 8, 2008


By Lawrence Swaim In a much-anticipated speech about his Mormon faith, Mitt Romney had a perfect opportunity to illuminate the complexities of politics and religious liberty. Instead, he used the opportunity to plead for evangelical votes, signaling that he would do nothing to stop the Religious Right from using government to promote its agenda. This […]

Rising Racism in Israel: Implications for Israeli Arabs

January 8, 2008


According to an Israeli civil rights group, The Association for Civil Rights in Israel, racism is on a sharp rise in Israel.  According to ACRI, Arab citizens of Israel face entrenched discrimination in all fields of life. In recent years, the prevalent attitude of hostility and mistrust toward Arab citizens has become more pronounced, with large sections […]