Rising Racism in Israel: Implications for Israeli Arabs

Posted on January 8, 2008


What the Jewish Defense League (JDL) would like to do to the Arabs

According to an Israeli civil rights group, The Association for Civil Rights in Israel, racism is on a sharp rise in Israel.  According to ACRI, Arab citizens of Israel face entrenched discrimination in all fields of life. In recent years, the prevalent attitude of hostility and mistrust toward Arab citizens has become more pronounced, with large sections of the Israeli public viewing the Arab minority as both a fifth column and a demographic threat. In addition, there exist glaring socioeconomic differences between the Jewish and Arab population groups, particularly with regard to land, urban planning, housing, infrastructure, economic development and education. Over half of the poor families in Israel are Arab families, and Arab municipalities constitute the poorest municipalities in Israel. Against this difficult backdrop, ACRI continues to work tenaciously to promote equal rights for Arab citizens and to foster a culture of human rights, mutual respect, and tolerance within Israeli society.

The following videos discuss the economic and political implications of this trend on the Israeli Arabs, who constitute 20% of Israel’s population. Please note that Israeli Arabs include Muslims, Christians and Druse.

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Part 2 of 2