Wallowing in Far Right Hysteria: Michelle Malkin’s Preposterous Claims

Posted on May 30, 2008


Since Michelle Malkin (born Maglalang) took on Dunkin’ Donuts for Rachael Ray’s Kefiyeh (see article below), I thought it would be interesting to point out that she has make ridiculous claims in the past–for which she has had to eat humble pie on several occasions.

#1: Shariah Creep: Michelle Malkin vs. Hussein Ibish on the Danger of Faucets

Hussein Ibish and Michelle Malkin debate the grave danger of faucets and how installing a tap at the Kansas City airport can supposedly lead to holocaust denial. Congratulations to Hussein Ibish for exposing Michelle Malkin’s Islamophobic view of the world.

#2: Chris Matthews Takes On Michelle Malkin for Her Claim that John Kerry Shot Himself in Vietnam

#3: Muslims, take note: Michelle Malkin Defends Internment

She forgets that these “ethnic Japanese” were actually Japanese Americans. She supports the profiling of Muslims when “trying to asess threats.” (this is at about 3 minutes into the above video clip).

#4: Asian Racism from Michelle Malkin

#5: Michelle Malkin Forgets about Philippino Profiling