What Employers and Employees Need to Know About Working Muslims During Ramadan–in English, French & Spanish

Posted on July 12, 2012


With the number of Muslims increasing in the workplace it is important for employees to know how to approach the month of Ramadan when working for an employer. The aim of this guide is to provide some helpful tips on how to deal with some of the things that come up during the month of Ramadan for employees. A Working Muslim in Ramadan Employers Guide has  been prepared and you can get a copy the link below to give to your employers.   The Employers guide sets out steps that your employers can take to support you and is very useful in helping your colleagues know how to interact with you appropriately in Ramadan.

The aim of the two guides is to ensure that any discussions regarding Ramadan take place openly and that both employer and employee feel safe and secure in the knowledge that they have the right information. The contents of this guide respond to an international survey undertaken by Working Muslim in April/May 2011.

The guides provide practical tips targeted to employers and employees, providing practical and pragmatic advice. They can be downloaded from the links below and for the first time are available in english, french and spanish.

English:    Employee     Employer

French:     Employee     Employer

Spanish:    Employee     Employer