Sample Code of Ethics for Muslim Businesses

Posted on October 26, 2006


Insha Allah, we will behave Islamically towards:

Our Customers: Our primary responsibility is to provide the best quality product to those who make use of our products and services. We must work to decrease our costs in order to charge reasonable prices. Orders will be processed speedily and without errors. We will neither misrepresent nor deny our products or services to any customer on the basis of race, gender, religion, socio-economic status or national origin.

Our Suppliers and Distributors: We will work with our suppliers and distributors to maintain consistency in quality and service. We will ensure that they make a fair profit. We shall neither offer nor accept any premium, prize or other un-Islamic inducement in our transactions with our suppliers and distributors, or any other stakeholder. 

Our Employees: Every employee will work in safe and clean conditions. They will receive fair and adequate compensation. They will have ample opportunities to develop their skills. They must feel free to make suggestions, criticize or complain. We will safeguard their rights to privacy, protect them from any type of harassment and respect their dignity at all times. The company will clearly communicate to all employees what is expected of them. In all negotiations, we will act in good faith. Every employee shall take responsibility to ensure that their actions are in agreement with Islamic values and the Code of ethics of this company.

Our Competitors: We will not engage in monopolistic behavior and preclude others from competing with us.  We will not engage in predatory strategies.  We will compete fairly without engaging in un-Islamic tactics.

Our Stockholders: We must work to ensure a fair return to our stockholders. We will only engage in what is halal and stay away from the haram. We will manage our research and development projects wisely. We will compensate our employees equitably. We will maintain appropriate reserves for difficult times. We will not waste company resources on false needs. When we behave according to our code of ethics, we should be able to provide our stockholders with an Islamically acceptable rate of return.

Our Community: We support the community we live in as well as the world ummah. We will be good citizens, respecting the law of the land, paying our fair share of taxes and contributing to the welfare of the needy and the destitute.

The Environment:  As vigerents of God on earth,  the environment is an amana (a trust) that we are responsible for.  We will not harm the environment in the practice of our business.

Source: Beekun, Rafik.  Islamic Business Ethics.  Herndon, Virginia: International Institute of Islamic Thought, 2006 (reprint). This book is available from the Islamic Workplace E-Store. Please click here to access the Islamic Workplace E-Store.

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