New book on “Strategic Planning and Implementation for Islamic Organizations”

Posted on October 25, 2006


front cover

I just published a book which may be of help to your community and to yourself at work, Insha Allah.   

By the Grace of Allah, my new book entitled “Strategic Planning and Implementation for Islamic Organizations” has now been published by the International Institute of Islamic Thought, Washington, D.C., USA and is immediately available.  Here is the link to this book on IIIT’s website:      

This book was specifically written for Islamic organizations whether for profit or not for profit. It is 208 pages in length, and its price is $18.95. Currently, the book is available from our online store. Please click here to access the Islamic Workplace E-Store.
The book has already been endorsed by Dr. Ahmad Sakr, Rushdi Siddiqui of the Global Dow Jones Islamic Market Index, etc.

I have attached a copy of the Table of Contents and the first chapter for your perusal.  Please forward this e-mail and the attachments to other Muslims, Muslim businesses and organizations in your own address book.   

May Allah bless all of us with serving Him to the best of our ability.