College degrees that are most sought after in 2011

Posted on July 6, 2011


Larry Buhl, Career Builder

While the job market can’t be called robust, employers say they plan to hire
almost 20 percent more four-year college graduates than they did last year,
according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. […]

1. Computer

More than 56 percent of computer science majors in the class of 2011 who have
applied for a job have already received an offer, the NACE reports.  […]The law of supply and demand is
in effect here, pushing average annual salary offers to just over $63,000,
making computer science one of the best-paid majors in 2011.

2. Accounting

New graduates are finding opportunities in public accounting, management
accounting, government accounting and internal auditing.

Average annual salary offer: $50,316

3. Finance

Employment possibilities can be found in nearly every industry, but are
plentiful in accounting, corporate accounting and banking.

Average annual salary offer: $53,048

4. Electrical

Electrical engineering is the second-highest degree in demand (after MBA) at
the master’s degree level.

Average annual salary offer: $60,646

5. Mechanical

New mechanical engineering grads enjoy some of the highest starting salaries
of the class of 2011, but in some fields — oil and gas extraction and software
publishing — mechanical engineers are seeing even higher  pay, according the
Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Average annual salary offer: $60,739

6. Business administration and

Business administration is one of the broadest undergrad majors, preparing
students for jobs as compensation and benefits managers, marketing consultants,
management consultants, general managers, financial analysts, employee relations
managers and more.

Average annual salary offer: $46,832 (for Bachelor’s degree holders)

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