The True Face of “Democratic” India: Cycles of Hate in Gujarat and Kashmir

Posted on August 12, 2008


Injustice and Terrorism in Gujarat

This video is about the opression of Inidan Muslims since 1947. Officially there are around 150 million muslims in India but some claim these figures are as high as 200 million. Still Muslims in India are poor, uneducated and live in very bad conditions. This is due to systematic social and economic discrimination. However since 1992, this turned into violent opression of Muslims and many muslims have since been killed by hindu fundamentalists, who flourish even under so called secular regime. There has been an upsurge in terrorist attacks in India and although Indian govt blames it on people”who hate democracy” the truth is that the crime of terrorism is nothing but desperate last resort of opressed people. We all should join hands in condeming the mindless terrorism but we should also work towards spreading equality and justice and peace will follow.

Indian Army’s Repression in Indian Section of Kashmir