Israel Humiliating and Injuring Internationally Renowned Palestinian Journalist

Posted on July 2, 2008


BBC News

Mohammed Omer says he was detained for four hours as he crossed from Jordan into the occupied West Bank on 26 June.  […] Mr Omer emailed the BBC the following day, saying he had “difficulty in breathing and pain in my chest” because of the treatment he received.

He is now back in Gaza, where hospital doctors have diagnosed several broken ribs. […] The journalist, 24, was returning from London, where he had received the Martha Gellhorn prize for journalism. He has also contributed to the BBC news website.  […]


Mohammed Omer, 24, says he was forced to strip to his underwear by an Israeli officer who then “snatched it down off me”.

“They wanted to humiliate me. They asked silly questions about everything I had done during my trip to London and Europe and they made fun of me”.

He says two officers dragged him by his legs, with his head on the floor, in front of other passengers. He says he then vomited and fainted.

The Israeli official said at the end of the search Mr Omer “lost his balance and fell, for some reason unknown to us”.

“A team of medics, an ambulance and a paramedic were summoned and he was transferred for treatment to Jericho”.

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