New York public school accused of radical Islamist agenda

Posted on September 4, 2007


NEW YORK (CNN) — A public school in New York that will teach Arabic language and culture opened Tuesday amid accusations that it will impose a radical Islamist agenda in its classrooms.

Please click here to view CNN video on the Khalil Gibran Academy.

Carmen Colon enrolled her son in Khalil Gibran Academy, but pulled him out because of the controversy.

About a dozen security guards and police officers were on patrol Tuesday when the Brooklyn school opened, mainly to shepherd the throngs of reporters covering the event.

Carmen Colon was thrilled at the prospect of sending her 11-year-old son to the school.

“I know for a fact that any American who learns Arabic will make tons of money whether it’s translation, whether it’s in the customer service area,” she said. “I thought it was the best advantage I could give my son.”

According to its Web site, Khalil Gibran International Academy’s (KGIA) goal is “to prepare students for college and successful careers and to foster an understanding of different cultures, a love of learning, and desire for excellence in all of its students.”

But a group called “Stop the Madrassa” insists there’s a more sinister agenda and is demanding the academy be closed. Watch why one student withdrew from the school » […]

Two parents who were on the design team for the school said it’s not a religious school.

Please click here to read the executive summary of the proposal for the KGIA school.

“In terms of the curriculum, if it’s a New York City public school, it has to go by New York City standards,” said Deborah Howard. “I’m Jewish. I would never be a part of a school that would in any way be involved with Islamic fundamentalists.” [more]

Anti-Arabic School website: “Stop The Madrassa: Protecting Our Public Schools From Islamist Curricula”

Please click here to visit the alarmist website “Stop the Madrassa” dedicated to closing the Khalil Gibran International Academy.  It is sad to note that Catholic League president Bill Donohue has joined up with those opposed to the founding of the KGIA.

Video 1: Biased Debate on “Stop the NY Public School Madrassa”

Video 2: Jewish Task Force (JTF) video on Arabic School in New York

Video 3: Berating the Arabic School Principal

Please click here to read how Debbie Almontaser was systematically hounded until she offered her resignation as principal of the Arabic school.

Video 4: Interfaith Rally to support the Arabic School

Jews, Muslims, Christians and good samaritans from other faith-based communities join to show support for the Arabic school.

 Latest News (September 5, 2007):

Producer of PBS ‘Islam’ Doc Joins Rally Against NY Arabic School

Frank Gaffney, a producer of the PBS documentary ‘Islam vs. Islamists,’ joined a rally yesterday against a new Arabic language school in New York. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, was also present.

A report on the rally was posted on an anti-Muslim hate site.