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Saudi Arabia: Migrant Domestics Killed by Employers (Saudi Arabia: PRT Migran Dibunuh Majikan)

September 9, 2007


Human Rights Watch ( Brutal Beatings and Killings Symptomatic of Wider Abuse (New York, August 17, 2007) – The killing of two Indonesian domestic workers by their employers in Saudi Arabia highlights the Saudi government’s ongoing failure to hold employers accountable for serious abuses, Human Rights Watch said today. The brutal beatings by these employers […]

When one has sinned, pray Salatul Taubah: the prayer of penitence.

September 9, 2007


Fiqh-Us-Sunnah, Vol 2, #34. Abu Bakr (r) reports: “I heard the Prophet sallallahu alehi wasallam saying: ‘Allah forgives the man who commits a sin (then feels ashamed), purifies himself, offers a prayer and seeks His forgiveness.’ Then he recited the ‘ayyah: ‘And those who, when they do an evil thing or wrong themselves, remember Allah […]

During your life, pray Salat-ul-Tasbih at least once.

September 9, 2007


Updated August 21, 2011, My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, Ramadan Mubarak. Sometime ago, I posted an article on Salat-ul-Tasbih. I am reproducing and expanding it here because of its importance and the blessings that it brings, Insha Allah. I have also updated the answer on how to count during Salatul Tasbih.  Please note […]