Top 100 Saudi Companies

Posted on September 1, 2007



1. The March Ahead
Saudi Arabia is in a second era of massive expansion. Plans are even more spectacular in scale than the first time round. The effect on Saudi business and industry is already apparent. As can be seen… Full Story
2. A Quantum Leap in Development
IT is boom time again in Saudi Arabia, thanks to consistently high oil prices — and the investment spree is on a par with the more famous boom of the 1970s. Hardly a week passes without another mega… Full Story
3. Zamil: From Strength to Strength
Most people around the world think that all Saudi exports are measured in barrels. It is remarkable how few realize that there is more to the Saudi economy than oil, let alone that Saudi products are… Full Story
4. Insurance Sector in Good Health
With 13 insurance companies already licensed by the authorities and 18 more still waiting for approval, the insurance market in the Kingdom is poised for a big leap forward. It is estimated that the… Full Story
5. ‘Today’s Man Doing Tomorrow’s Job’
He has been hailed as a marketing genius. His job is to sell Saudi Arabia Inc. to the world — especially to foreign investors — and if he has his way then the Kingdom will attract a staggering $650… Full Story

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