Good Samaritan 101: Harper Community College accommodates Muslim Students

Posted on December 4, 2006


1. In October 2005, an art exhibit that included photographs of nude Muslim women wearing only a head covering was taken down just hours after opening for public viewing at Harper College in Palatine. Administrators were opposed to the nudity in the art display and said the artist, Amir Normandi, misled them.

“The artist misrepresented the pictures to faculty members by showing one set of pictures, and then putting up another set of pictures,” school spokesman Phil Burdick said. Muslim students at the college had protested to officials about the pieces on display.

2. Since 1999, at Harper Community College, footbaths were added to the bathrooms at the student center for Muslim students to perform wu’du (washing before prayers). College officials chose by themselves to add the footbaths for health and safety reasons.

To read about other Muslim friendly colleges and universities, such as Harvard University, Georgetown University, Syracuse University, etc. please visit the website of the Muslim Accommodation Task Force of the MSA of the USA and Canada.