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Ethics: McCain and Keating

October 7, 2008


The current economic crisis demands that we understand John McCain’s attitudes about economic oversight and corporate influence in federal regulation. Nothing illustrates the danger of his approach more clearly than his central role in the savings and loan scandal of the late ’80s and early ’90s. John McCain was accused of improperly aiding his political […]

Who is fit to lead now? McCain Reinventing Obama

October 6, 2008


By Larry Rohter, New York Times Speaking in Albuquerque on Monday, Senator John McCain attacked Senator Barack Obama on several fronts that by now have become familiar. But many of his charges relating to the economic meltdown, taxation and health care contained inaccuracies or exaggerations of his own position or Mr. Obama’s. For instance, Mr. […]–New website to answer anti-Muslim propaganda in “Obsession” film

September 26, 2008


What is ‘Obsession’? Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West is a 2005 anti-Muslim propaganda film put together by controversial anti-Muslim figures to further the perceived divide between Western and Muslim audiences. 28 million copies of the DVD were recently distributed by a mysteriously-funded entity by the name of the Clarion Fund with the help […] McCain Distorting Obama’s Tax Voting Record

September 22, 2008


From CNN’s Josh Levs   Did Obama vote to raise taxes more than 90 times? The statement: “He said he won’t raise taxes for most people, but he’s voted 94 times in his short Senate career for tax increases and against tax cuts.” -Sen. John McCain, at a campaign stop in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Friday […]

A video comparison of the Two U.S. Presidential Candidates Talking About the Economy

September 18, 2008


Obama on the Need for Change and on his Economic Plan McCain Talks About the Economy–clip #1 McCain on the Economy–clip #2 McCain:Your Economic Problems Are Psychological–clip #3 McCain: Economy–Americans Are Better Off Now than Years Ago–clip #4 McCain vs Obama on the Economy–clip #5 McCain: The Fundamentals of Our Economy Are Strong–clip#6 Obermann: McCain […]

Ethics at Risk: U.S. Republicans Assault the Media And Do Not Mind A Few lies

September 5, 2008


Source “Media Matters”; by Jamison Foser A few weeks ago, for example, there was a frenzy of conservative whining that Barack Obama had gotten more media coverage than John McCain. Now, the amount of coverage each candidate has gotten, by itself, tells us virtually nothing. What was the content of the coverage? Was it positive? […]

Toxic Leadership: McCain as the man with his finger on the button

August 8, 2008


Note from RI: There is some bad language in this video. In a report on Senator John McCain’s well documented “temper,” MSNBC offered this insightful, accurate and disturbing analysis of a man who might be the next President of the United States. Does putting his hand in control of the enormous power of the US […]

US Presidential Candidate John McCain and Corruption

April 16, 2008


McCain and Keating McCain Flip Flops on Ethics Reform McCain: Corruption in Politics