When $ trumps human rights violations and crimes against humanity: Gap enters Burma (Myanmar)

Posted on June 7, 2014


In spite of the genocide of Rohingya Muslims in Burma–(please read the article “US House passes resolution calling on Myanmar to end abuses against Rohingya Muslims), GAP has decided that profits matter more and is now establishing two factories in Burma (known now as Myanmar). Muslims around the world should boycott GAP products.

Gap: First U.S. retailer to enter Burma

Associated Press as reported in USA Today

Two factories in Yangon are reportedly producing vests and jackets for Old Navy and Banana Republic.
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) – Gap has announced plans to produce clothing in Burma (also known as Myanmar). It is the first American retailer to enter the market since the Southeast Asian country began its transition to democracy three years ago.

Two factories in the commercial capital, Yangon, are reportedly producing vests and jackets for the company’s Old Navy and Banana Republic brands. They will be ready for sale in the United States by this summer, according to a statement released Saturday by the U.S. Embassy. [Please click here to read the whole article.}