Far right Islamophobia in France: Marine Le Pen in her own words

Posted on April 5, 2014


Many Muslim leaders have blamed Le Pen’s fiery rhetoric on Islam and immigration for a rise in Islamic intolerance and xenophobia in France. But she insists she is neither a racist nor xenophobic, but simply a patriot. Al Jazeera sat down with far right french politician Marine Le Pen to talk about Islam and immigration in Europe. [French with English subtitles]. Judge for yourself as she: 

(1) renews her attack on halal meat,

(2) calls Islam a cult,

(3) claims (ignorantly) that Muslims would not eat the food of the people of the Book (which the Qur’an allows),

(4) talks about her “people” as though French Muslims are not part of it,

(5) attacks “anarchist” immigration,  

(6) repeats towards the middle of the interview that France is of a “Christian civilization”,

(7) shows her ignorance again of Islam whereby Muhammad (s) in the Treaty of Madinah allowed the Jews to live in total freedom by their rules (she should read the Treaty of Madinah, the letter of Muhammad (s) to the Monks at the Monastery of St. Catherine, as well as read the Qur’an in its orginal arabic and context).

(8) dodges the question about how she would fix the French economy,

(9) would apply the law of 1905 in its full force to ban the hijab and the Jewish kipa, and the Catholic crucifix (note the crucifix is not mandated by Christianity whereas the Hijab is mandated by Islam) in the Qur’an and the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (s), etc.,

(10) dodges the question on how widespread “radical” Islam is in France (something she has incessantly accused French Muslims of), etc.

Marine, you cannot have your cake and eat it too at the same time–especially when the second largest religion in France is Islam.

In 2012, French authorities asking the European Parliament to lift the immunity of far-right leader Marine Le Pen so that she can be prosecuted for inciting racial hatred. It is about time that the French authorities take her to court to have her explain herself.