Extraordinary Courage: Policewoman gives chase after being shot in the face

Posted on November 2, 2013


Texas police officer Ann Carrizales took two bullets at point-blank range — including one to the face — during an early morning traffic stop last Saturday. Yet she still went after the bad guys. […]

Carrizales pulled over a car in Stafford, Texas, just outside Houston, around 3 a.m. She said her instincts told her something was amiss as she walked up to the car with three men inside.

Within seconds, the front-seat passenger leaned over and started firing.

Carrizales was hit twice: once in the cheek and once in the bulletproof vest that most likely saved her life. She fired back at the car as it sped off, shattering its rear window.

Then, bleeding and in pain, she got into her squad car and gave chase. The pursuit lasted more than 20 miles.

Video: Police officer Ann Carrizales was shot twice, including once in the face, during a routine traffic stop, but instead of backing down and allowing her fellow cops to chase down the suspects, she chased them in her squad car for 20 miles until they were caught.


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