In Muslim Organizations and Businesses, Watch Out for Strategy Inflection Points

Posted on November 6, 2011


Rafik Beekun

An important skill that your Islamic organization may wish to develop is the ability to track strategy inflection points. As indicated by Andrew Grove, CEO of Intel, (Thompson and Strickland, 2002) organizations should monitor the effectiveness of the strategies they are using.

“A key warning sign..[of]..a strategic inflection point is when all of a sudden, the company you worry about has shifted. You dealt with one competitor all your life, and all of sudden you do not care about them, you care about somebody else. A mental silver bullet test..[is].. if you had one bullet, whom would you shoot with it? If you change the direction of the gun, that.. signals you may be dealing with more than an ordinary shift in the competitive landscape.” (Andy Grove, former CEO of Intel Corporation, 1999—also cited in Marcus, in press).

When the strategies seem to lose their effectiveness and do so repeatedly, i.e. performance that was peaking up now starts peaking down in spite of all your best efforts, a strategy inflection point has occurred. You should act immediately, and the organization should immediately seek to adjust its strategy to fit the new circumstances.

Source: Strategic Planning and Implementation for Islamic Organizations by Rafik Beekun

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