Unnoticed: The Child Workers in Afghanistan

Posted on October 18, 2011



Unnoticed: Children of Kabul

Unnoticed: Children of Kabul will document the tragedy of a new generation of Afghan children growing up without an education and spending their childhood in poverty and labor. Their families devastated by the war, thousands of children are forced to work in the busy streets of Kabul, selling candy, shining shoes and begging to help their families. Others take jobs in mechanic shops or vend in the crowded and dangerous markets. This upcoming twenty-four minute documentary will take the audience into the lives of these children, sharing their stories with an international audience in hopes of focusing attention on the future of Afghanistan — its children.

Child Labor in Afghanistan

Thousands of children as young as four are being forced to work in brick factories in Afghanistan.

Some of them work up to 12 hours a day, to help pay off debts owed by their families.

Al Jazeera’ s Teresa Bo went to the town of Sokhrod to meet some of the children, who are losing their childhood to pay off their families’ debts.

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