Muslims in America are in need of help

Posted on January 4, 2011


Karin Friedemann (LETTER FROM AMERICA)
1 January 2011
Khaleej Times

Since 9/11 hundreds if not thousands of Muslims have faced “preemptive prosecution,” where Muslims who are deemed “dangerous” are prosecuted before they commit a crime.

In these prosecutions, there are so many holes in the government’s theories that the case is nothing but a list of unsubstantiated accusations. When the defense asks, “Where is your evidence?” the prosecution says, “The evidence is “classified.” They argue that to give evidence of the outrageous statements they are making against this person would be a threat to national security! Consequently, the normal defensive legal strategy has not worked to clear Muslims of false charges.

American Muslims are like and unlike other immigrant groups to the USA. American Catholic immigrants often faced prejudice in the past, but American Muslims confront well-organised, wealthy and politically powerful American […] Zionists willing to do practically anything, including scare mongering and defamation of Islam, to prevent the participation of Muslim citizens in American politics, academics, charity or economic activities because these could enhance their political and social stature. In Islamophobic show trials prosecutors are well positioned to commit great wrongs due to existing attitudes against Muslims. To win in such a situation, supporters must present themselves as the last line of defense for the American way of life:

When American Muslims practice their religion, they are contributing to the strength of the United States. By defending the Muslim right to practice Islam, Muslims defend the American principle of freedom of religion. Those who falsely imprison Muslims are the true enemies of all Americans.

When the FBI and the US Attorney move to arrest, instead of engaging in apologetics as if the accused were already tried and found guilty, Muslim organisations need to make as much noise as possible about fairness and equal protection and to address issues of ethno-political agenda.

US laws should be enforced uniformly[…]. Why do the FBI and the US attorneys only pursue alleged Muslim extremism and material support of terrorism when Zionist extremism and material support of terrorism are open and blatant?

Yick Wo v. Hopkins is as important today as it was in 1886 when the Supreme Court’s decision established that it was just as unfair to enforce laws unequally as it was to write racial inequality into laws.

Muslim organisations must take legal action against any government agency, whose improper or unequal application of US law and regulations is harming Muslim American citizens and residents. This should be accompanied by the identification of US government officials, who have engaged in the misuse or perversion of office in order to harm Muslims. [Please click here to read the remainder of this article.]

Karin Friedemann is a Boston-based writer on Middle East affairs and US politics, and Editor of World View News Service