Northern Nevada Muslim Community Center Feeds the Homeless, Needy and Neighbors on Thanksgiving Day

Posted on November 25, 2010


Rafik Beekun

Today was one of the best Thanksgiving of my life so far. By the Grace of God, the Muslim community of Reno and Sparks, Nevada, hosted the homeless, the needy and some of our neighbors for a great Thanksgiving dinner. It reminded me of what Islam is all about: helping those in need and sharing the best of what we have with them. Prophet Muhammad (s) said: “A believer is not the one who eats his fill when his neighbor is hungry” (Al-Bukhari, Al-Hakim, and Al-Baihaqi).

Here are some pictures of the Thanksgiving meal at our mosque:

Sharing the bounty from God with those in need

Sharing Thanksgiving with our neighbors and the needy at our mosque

A hot and abundant meal with those who are in need. Thank you God for blessing us with the ability to help those in need!

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