Dubai recession and expats’ departures benefit disadvantaged residents

Posted on August 11, 2009



Dubai’s ‘Robin Hood’ Benefits From Recession
2:55pm UK, Monday August 10, 2009

Ashish Joshi, Gulf correspondent

As the recession forces more Britons to return home from United Arab Emirates, many are donating unwanted items to groups taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

Many Britons are returning to the UK as the recession hits the Gulf states

The charity Take My Junk UAE is the idea of Faisal Khan. The 34-year-old businessman said he was so moved by the plight of the Emirates’ labourers he wanted to do something positive to help.

Please click here to watch a video on how expats’ departure because of the recession in Dubai and the UAE.

Now Mr Khan spends 15 hours a day driving around Dubai collecting donated household junk and distributing the goods in labour camps.

Arriving at a luxury residence at the Palm development in Dubai he quickly begins filling his trailer.

The family who lives here is returning to the UK and they are not taking everything with them.

“Towels, clothing, pillows. All this stuff is not really expensive for someone who has a nice job. But this is just what we need.

“All this stuff goes very quickly when I distribute it.”

The financial crisis has led to a summer exodus of Western ex-pats from Dubai. [more]