Exams and Studying While Fasting in Ramadan

Posted on September 1, 2008


Fatwa from Islamonline.net

QUESTION: I have a 12-hour school day at the university. If I do not perform well on quizzes, tests, and participation, am I excused from fasting? By the end of the day I lose my concentration and I can no longer focus my eyes to read the material in class most likely due to low sugar levels. Jazakullah.


In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

May Allah grant you health and guide you to the best way through which you can concentrate in your studies and tests.

As a Muslim living in the USA, you ought to respect the tenets of your faith and strive hard to apply the teachings of Islam in theory as well as in practice.

In your case, it is not permissible to break the fast for the reason you mentioned. Quitting fasting because of having tests, quizes or even studying full-time is not included in the reasons for which one is allowed to not fast in Ramadan.

It is worthy mentioning here that hundreds of millions of Muslim students face a similar situation to the one you are facing and observe fasting in Ramadan diligently.

However, if for medical reasons, you cannot observe fasting or fasting will heavily endanger your health—and this is assured by trustworthy Muslim doctors—then you may break the fast because of illness. It goes without saying that you should consul a trustworthy Muslim doctor for this.

May Allah guide you to the best in your studies and may He make fasting a tool to sharpen your memory and raise your level of understanding and performance.

Source of Fatwa.