Anwar Ibrahim Exposing Judicial Corruption in Malaysia

Posted on August 26, 2008


In September 2007 Anwar Ibrahim released the videotape recording of Malaysian lawyer VK Lingam engaged in a telephone conversation with Chief Justice Ahmed Fairuz about fixing judges and court cases (see the 3 video clips at the end of this post). The conspiracy depicted in the video implicates the highest levels of power in the Malaysian government including the former Prime Minister.

After consistent demands for an independent investigation made by Anwar Ibrahim and the KeADILan party, a Royal Commission of Inquiry finally began its proceedings in January 2008.

The Commission, however, is mired in internal controversy as Commissioners face serious conflicts of interest based on their involvement in issues of corruption raised by the video tape and their relationship to people mentioned in it.

The Commission has also failed to call key witnesses to submit key evidence proving the widespread incidence of judicial corruption in Malaysia.

Video: Part 1

Video: Part 2

Video: Part 3