Islamophobia 101: Episode 27–Obama Campaign Profiling Muslim Women with Headscarves

Posted on June 19, 2008


Note from Rafik Beekun:

In the video clip below, Fox (the right-wing TV channel and supporter of McCain) is trying to amplify the story and even distort in ways that are sick, i.e. what is a “Muslim” dress?  Nevertheless, the Obama Campaign showed itself to be petty and Islamophobic when it asked two Muslim women in hijab not to stand behind Obama during a campaign appearance. It is also important McCain is far worse than Obama with respect to his attitude towards Islam in that two of his main supporters, Pastors John Hagee and Rod Parsley, are violently Islamophobic.

Muslim Barack Obama fans told to hide from television cameras

Last updated: 2:51 AM BST 19/06/2008

Barack Obama’s campaign has been forced to apologise to two Muslim women barred from sitting behind him at a public event.

The two women in headscarves were asked not to sit in view of cameras at a rally in Detroit on Monday, where Al Gore endorsed Mr Obama.

Hebba Aref, a 25-year-old lawyer, told Politico magazine: “I was coming to support him, and I felt like I was discriminated against.

“The message that I thought was delivered to us was that they do not want him associated with Muslims or Muslim supporters.”

Miss Aref’s friend Ali Koussan, a law student, said that a volunteer “explained to me that because of the political climate and what’s going on in the world … it’s not good for her to be seen on TV or associated with Obama.”

A second woman was told to take off her headscarf if she wanted to sit in the special seats.

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