URGENT! POST MATRIC SCHOLARSHIPS for poor Muslim students in India

Posted on February 13, 2008


Help For Muslims by Central Government, Deadline 15th February 2008

Here is some help for Muslim students. Those who have passed SSLC with 50% marks, and annual incomes below 2Lakh are eligible to get scholarship from Government of India. The LAST DATE for submitting the forms is the 15th of February 2008. Government of India given instruction to the state government this in November 29th, the Kerala government notified this in public on January 21st.

A total of 5000 Muslims from Kerala are eligible for this scholarship, if other state do not have that much application, we will get that vacant places also. Most Muslims don’t know about this Scholarship as some of the News papers denied to give this information in their paper! Because of this, only around 300 applications are received till this date.  5000 is the target for Muslims.  If Muslim students did not apply for this, further funds will lapsed.  Here is the information and the forms you need in pdf format. Just click to download to your computer, Insha Allah.





You have only 2 more days to convey this message to all the poor Muslims, send them this application and documents, they will get scholarship. Kindly do this at the earliest.

It is well noted that SNDP, and Christians are mostly utilizing the Minority fund provided by the Central Government. In a specific fund provided by the Central Government, the Muslim community utilizes the amount just less than 1 %, with the same fund SNDP started their Micro Finance Program!, It is noted that there are some higher official in government who purposefully delayed the process of this type fund information to Muslims.

Full details will be available in this link: http://collegiateedu.kerala.gov.in/whatsnew.htm

Also see this central government link: http://minorityaffairs.gov.in/newsite/schemes/postmatric/postmatric.htm

If any other details to know regarding application and other procedures for filling and submission, please contact 9846230215 in India. Kindly Forward this to as many as Indian Muslims as possible.

If you need additional help with grants and coaching in Kerala, please click here for a list of sources of help, Insha Allah.