Good Samaritan 101–Americans helping Iraqi Children

Posted on January 17, 2008


Rescuing a little Iraqi boy who needed drastic medical help

Little Iraqi boy helped American soldier

Day to day Americans are among the most philanthropically minded and generous people on earth.

Please click here to watch the story of an American soldier who worked very hard to help a little Iraqi boy who was in dire need of help: the child was born without an anus, and had major difficulties.

Rescuing Youssif who was burnt alive by masked men in Iraq

Youssif was grabbed by masked men outside his Baghdad home on January 15, doused with gasoline and set on fire. users, the Children’s Burn Foundation and the Grossman Burn Center helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get him and his family out of Iraq for the treatment he needs.

Little Iraqi boy helped American soldier

He first arrived in September with his mother, father and little sister, Ayaa. Earlier this month Youssif underwent his most extensive surgery that removed his biggest scars.
At Balboa Park, Youssif’s father squats next to him at the edge of the water, cracking his first tired smile of the day at Youssif’s antics and never-ending energy. When he’s not feeding ducks, Youssif runs around kicking a soccer ball.

Please click here to read the whole story of Youssif and how day to day Americans teamed up to help.  Please click here to watch a video update of his slow recovery by the Grace of Allah.

Thank you, America.