WikiIslam = A nest of Islamophobic and distorted material

Posted on January 11, 2008


Please visit the wikiIslam site which purports to have videos on Islam in a number of areas.   I glanced through the videos listed in the categories on the right side.  Those who are in the videos include notorious Islamophobes like Robert Spencer or apostates like Walid Shoebat.

Wikipedia is supposed to allow to anyone to edit information on any site, but I have not had time to figure out how to. It also seems that whatever one edits can be undone by the sysop. Here is a video clip about what WikiIslam aims to do:

The site reveals its Islamophobic nature by including a drawing of Muhammad (s) and Aisha (r) on its mainpage. In its policies and guidelines section, It also has the following statement about the kind of research that is supposed to back up anything uploaded to the site: “Original research has a slightly different meaning on this website: whatever information you enter on this website, should be generally agreed upon by non-Muslims.” Suddenly, non-Muslims have now become the experts on Islam!!!

Astaghfirullah, on the wikiIslam website, Muhammad (s) is called a Briber • Child Abuser • Delusional • Deceiver • Dispraised • Liar • Mass Murderer • Megalomaniac • Pedophile • Obese • Plunderer • Polygamist • Privileged • Racist • Rapist • Slaver • Spouse Abuser • Terrorist • Torturer • Unclean • Warmonger