Pakistan Ulema (religious Islamic scholars) condemn suicide bombing

Posted on July 21, 2007


Text of report by Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) news agency

Peshawar, 20 July: The ulema [Muslim clergy] in the Jumma [Friday] congregations, while condemning suicide bombing, have stated it an act of anti humanity and a heinous crime.

“The act is anti Islam and inhuman”, they told the faithful in their sermons. They said that “killing one innocent human being tantamount to killing the entire humanity”.

They told that those preparing suicide bombers and tempting them that they would be awarded “Jannat” (heaven) for their act were the worst enemies of Islam and humanity.

The ulema especially condemned the suicide bombing inside a mosque in Kohat in which the Pesh Imam (prayer leader) was also killed. They said that the killing of every innocent person irrespective of his position whether he belongs to the armed forces, FC [Frontier Constabulary] or police, is a great sin.

Stating the suicide bombing as a conspiracy against Islam and Pakistan, the ulema asked the general public to keep strict vigil on their surroundings and frustrate the acts of saboteurs. They gave message to all the Muslims to remove the impression that involving themselves in the heinous act of suicide bombing was a guarantee for seeking place in paradise rather they should enlighten themselves with the teachings of Islam.

Source: Associated Press of Pakistan news agency, Islamabad, in English 1516gmt 20 Jul 07