Australian Visa Laws Unfair to Muslims

Posted on July 18, 2007


Mark Dunn, Herald TImes (Australia) 07/18/2007, p 13.

NEW laws that demand Arabs seeking visa entry into Australia provide the names of their parents and grandfather hint at racial and religious profiling, according to a leading Islamic group.

”It would be pretty naive to think there is no religious profiling going on (with visa applicants), even if it’s not officially recognised,” said the Islamic Council of Victoria’s spokesman, Waleed Aly.

Australian security agencies had asked for the new regulations that require extra personal information from Arabic visa applicants to include the names of their parents and grandfather.


Mr Aly said despite random searches being conducted at Australian airports, he had become used to always being stopped and questioned, and that many Australian Muslims knew that they would come under special attention, especially at airports. [more]