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Tariq Ramadan on Democracy Now

April 17, 2010


Once-Banned Muslim Scholar Tariq Ramadan on His First Visit to US in Six Years, President Obama and Why Muslims Should Make Their Voices Heard Democray Now speaks with leading Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan, who was banned from entering the United States for six years. In 2004, Ramadan had accepted a job to become a tenured […]

US Government Lifts Ban on Tariq Ramadan

January 20, 2010


PRESS RELEASE London, January 20 2010 After more than five years of waiting, the American State Department has decided, in a document signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to lift the ban that prohibited me (as well as Professor Adam Habib from South Africa) from entering the United States. The American Civil Liberties Union […]

Muslims Against Anti-Semitism: Ways to Promote Common Values

December 30, 2007


by Tariq Ramadan Mosque. Photo/Horst Rutsch The situation in our societies is becoming more and more difficult insofar as the increasing public expression of anti-Semitism and racism. We all know—Governments, official institutions, as well as citizens—that if we remain passive, the situation will worsen and drive us towards a new troubled era of racist and […]

The Irrelevance of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. A Response by Tariq Ramadan

December 26, 2007


OXFORD — In a recent article, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the former Dutch legislator and author of “Infidel,” accused the so-called “moderate” Muslims of remaining silent instead of condemning acts done in the name of Islam by individuals or governments. Surprisingly, I was mentioned among the “moderate” Muslim scholars who did not condemn what happened in […]