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Islam and Anger Management (Part 2): Strategies to Keep Anger at Bay

January 10, 2008


by Rafik Beekun (Updated on Aug 3, 2011) This is part two of the series I have been working on on anger. The first article is entitled: “Islam and Anger Management (Part 1): What is your level of anger?” Anger is something that happens to all of us.  Prophet Jesus (s) was angered by the […]

Islam and Stress Management (Part 6): Relaxation and Humor

January 6, 2007


by Rafik Beekun at the Islamic Workplace blog Sources: and compiled from “The Lawful and The Prohibited in Islam” – Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, p. 292, Sheikh Jamal Zarabozo’s article on ‘The Manner of Joking in Islam’ from Islam House, and an article from Islamway At times, Muslims can take themselves too seriously, and present too […]

Islam and Stress Management (Part 5): A Video To Help You Relax

December 23, 2006


The Mayo Clinic has long been rated as one of the top health institutions in the USA, if not the world. Anytime you are experiencing stress or just wish to relax, here is an effective video exercise from the Mayo Clinic that you can click on from anywhere in the world that will help you […]

Islam and Stress Management (Part 4): Islamic Coping Mechanisms

December 23, 2006


By Dr. Tahar Salaat, MD, Assistant Professor of pathology, Faculty of Medicine Cairo University.  This article is reprinted here with the permission of Dr. Talaat. Note: numbers in the article below refer to the reference sources listed at the end of this article. This article builds upon the three other articles previously posted under the […]


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