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Petition to get pictures of the Prophet (s) removed from Wikipedia

February 13, 2008


ASSALAAMU ‘ALAIKUM.    WIKIPEDIA site has published “pictures” of our prophet Muhammad (s). Please click on the link below to sign the worldwide petition to have these images removed. We need 10,000 signatures to get pictures of Prophet (s) removed from WIKIPEDIA.  Please act now! JAZAKALLAHU   KHAIRAN.  Also please forward the link to all your Muslim contacts.        ———-     To access the […]

Advice for life from Prophet Muhammad (s)

January 4, 2008


As we come closer to the beginning of the Islamic new year and start writing down a new set of resultions, may I suggest that we reflect upon the following hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (s)?  This is hadith 1337 from Al-Tirmidhi, and it is narrated by Amr ibn Maymun al-Awdi: Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said […]

Umm Sulaym: An Everlasting Role Model for Muslimahs and Muslims

December 30, 2007


Note from Rafik Beekun: I initially put together this article in honor of International Women’s Day.  This article is partly sourced from Winalim,  and relates the story of one of the most famous and respected female companions of the Prophet (s), Umm Sulaym. Her faith, courage, determination and integrity are truly inspiring,  and she serves as a wonderful role model both for […]

Islam and Stress Management (Part 2): Duas when in stress

December 2, 2006


Professor Rafik Beekun, Last updated on May 15, 2013 This section will list the duas (supplications) for handling stress or difficult situations. Some of these are also listed in the duas section of this blog–where many more duas as well as a detailed etiquette for how to make duas are included.  Here, however, we […]