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Human Rights Organizations’ Concerns on Employment of Muslims in Europe

September 27, 2012


  Amnesty International, 2012 “Muslims are subject to a variety of forms of racism and intolerance, as described in several sections of this report. In particular, some factions of public opinion make no distinction between terrorists, religious extremists and the Muslim population as a whole. In some cases, it is claimed that these prejudices lead […]

Intimidation and censorship are no answer to the inflammatory film “Fitna”

April 11, 2008


A Dutch politician’s alarmist anti-Islam polemic needs to be taken apart and calmly answered Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian, Thursday April 10 2008 At the time of this writing, the dissemination on the worldwide web of the deliberately provocative anti-Islam film Fitna, made by the Dutch populist MP Geert Wilders, has not provoked violent protest […]